Making money online have been always something that fascinates a lot of people and leaves some stretch the back of their head wondering of the legitimacy of the clam, and for me, being able to make money from it has been always my goal and kept looking jumping from website to website on the internet until one day I landed on an article that talks about more than 10 ways to earn money online from home just using your computer, I was like, aah! .. yes please!

So the article explained in detail on how you can start getting paid to do some gigs online and one that really grabbed my attention was the ability to get paid just to write short articles for some bloggers and websites, and it sounded very interesting for me so I went on google and remember spending a whole day searching for these websites that pay people to write for them and I was surprised of the number that a found online companies and small blogs that are willing to pay writers to write contents for their website. And today I have put a list of the websites that I personally think are among the best of Write and Get Paid, Most of these sites will pay up to $200 per article, blog post or a tutorial so go check them out and start your journey of earning money online.

1. A Fine Parent

Fine Parent is exactly as the name suggests, if you're good with things like that parenting, you feel like you're pretty good parents, you feel like your kids have turned out pretty well. Then you can write for a fine parent if their submission window is open. However, they kind of fluctuate as far as when they accept articles. But if they are open, you just need to check this page every once in a while. And you can write an article, you get paid $100 per article via PayPal which is nice of course. But you can also earn a $200 bonus so that's why it's on this list. Because you can get paid $100 usually but they also have a $200 bonus if it performs Very well. So they tell you more about the details o their write for us page that I'll include in a minute. And of course, they have a submission window. That's not always open. So that's the only thing you have to keep in mind is that they are not always going to be available for submitting new articles. But if you know a lot about parenting and you want to get paid to write per blog post and get paid $200 or more, this is a good option for you at some point, so other than that, that's it for this video.

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2. Tuts+ WP

Tuts plus WP which basically stands for tutorials for WordPress. So WordPress, of course, is one of the most popular websites platforms now, more the world's websites run a WordPress. Pretty much every major blog runs on WordPress and it takes up between 25 and 30% of the entire internet now, so they have plenty of websites with WordPress tutorials and stuff like that's why WP tuts plus actually pays you between $60 and $500 per article that's up to $500. So if you do like a quick tutorial, you can earn $60, maybe $100 from home. And then once you get more to like a premium level, you can make $300 to $500 for premium level tutorials and screencast where you do a video recording your Computer screen instead of standing in front of a camera. So that's kind of a breakdown of their pay $150 per tutorial for the first month $175 tutorial for the second month onward $60 for quick tip, full the tutorial $500 for premium level tutorials in screencast, so you can expect to make almost a full time living just doing tutorials for them if you do it right. to submit your tutorial to them follow the provided link.

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3. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is basically all about LINUX operating system if you've ever used something like Raspberry Pi, which is like a miniature cheap computer that you can turn into media boxes than you probably heard about Linux. you can get $50 to $200 per article that talks about this operating system and you get paid via PayPal. some of the websites don't really tell you how you get paid or they have multiple ways for you to get paid. But with  Digital Ocean, they pay you via PayPal. So it's very easy and straightforward. And it's all about written tutorials about Linux and cloud hosting. And of course, I'll have a link to this page for you down. just go check it out and see how to apply to write for them. They're looking for friendly, concise, informative style, correct and comprehensive commands, technical expertise and best practices, and a clear explanation. So if you're good at writing tutorials that are very easy to follow and understand but still have plenty of detail. That's the type of stuff they're looking for and they are willing to pay up to $200 per article.

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4. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine They also allow you to write for them and get paid, obviously, or they wouldn't be in this article. But they're more related to design, coding user experience. Those types of things. That's a very common trend with the ones that pay you the most money is usually that has something to do with programming and web design because that basically is the future of everything in our world. That's how the internet is structured based on web design and programming. That's how software is structured. That's how programs are built. That's how apps are built. I mean, if you know to code, that is one of the most valuable skills you can have. I mean, I can't stress that enough. So you always have a future if you know to code and I don't know why would you be spending time to looking for these websites in the first place but hey, This is just an example of how you can make money from Home by just writing and telling other people how to do stuff. They pay $50 to $200 per article on Smashing Magazine. And you can submit articles related to web design, graphic design, UX design, WordPress, mobile app design, all that type of stuff. So if you know anything about that, you can see some other examples HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and you can go through the site and see how authors get paid, what their approval guidelines are and things like that. So as far as that goes, smashing magazines another great option for getting paid pretty well to write each article.

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5. Tuts+ Vector

So I covered touch plus code earlier. And this is all more about vectors and things like that. So they have a lot of related type of industries that they cover, they pay between $50 to $200 specifically for each article, and these are all about vector tutorials, obviously. So this is this has to do with like Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign, coral draw and things like that those type of vector-related tutorials if you know a lot about that type of stuff, you're familiar with things like Adobe Illustrator, ink scape, and things like that. These are the types of tutorials they're looking for And they will accept multiple articles if you're doing pretty good for them. And you can make quite a bit $50 to $75 per quick tip tutorial $150 to $200 per regular tutorial. So if you know about vectors, Go read over on their write for us page. Get some ideas and submit some articles and you can get paid pretty well from that.

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I hope these websites help you hope they give you some ideas. If you got something from this post that you thought was valuable, you can Download My Get Money Online from Google Play for more ways to make money from home like this.

Also, if you want to let me know about some other websites that pay $50 or more, or you want to let us know about your experiences with any of the mentioned sites, feel free to leave your comments, I'd love to get your feedback and add to these topics for people so we can get the most out of them.