TestingTime.com is exactly as the name suggests, You make money by testing different website and mobile application by using Computer and or mobile phones and you will be working from home and earn money. It is similar to Test IO website that I talked about on the last article, if you haven't read it yet you can go check out here. So how do you earn money on Testing time website you might ask?
Very simple, they pay you to do some tasks and give your opinion, you will be testing different products and give your opinion and it can be done from home via Skype or on-site with the customer and you can earn up to 50 euros per hour depending on the type of work, that about a $60 US dollars just by doing simple stuff. So you'll be one of the first people to test future products and have the opportunity to improve them, It can be a website or mobile application. You can spend your free time to do something exciting and be able to get some side income at the same time is really cool.

And as I mention this can be done from everywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection, However, give you specific tasks based on your demographic and the cool thing it takes less than three minutes to just complete the entire sign up process, so make sure put all the necessary information as required as your profile will be used to find different project for you specifically, and they will send you via email and you can accept those tasks/projects and  begin making money, just try to take your own time and simply answer the questions and pick your time to do the testing and opportunities and every time you participate you will be awarded, but I would like to point out some projects they apply the policy of "First Come First Serve". So make sure to keep an eye on the email inbox. Once you receive the just click on accept because if you do not they move on to the next tester.

Once the task is completed you get paid within 10 days but most of the time they're faster on paying users compared to other testing websites that pay only from month to month.
You can start from today if you are really serious about making some extra side cash just go check the website and try to understand exactly how it works. Nothing you to worry about, you don't need to be a professional to do these kinds of tasks because they are looking for normal people to do regular things so you just have to provide something very common then you will get paid. another cool thing this website has been featured on a lot of news and big newspapers for being one the best testing different products from big companies that you know is really big deal, So just go to their frequently asked question you will get all the info you need to get started.

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