Appen is a company that works with 8 of the top 10 global technology companies. And what they essentially do is that they help these companies improve and optimize their product for users worldwide, including social media platforms, search engines, voice recognition systems, and e-commerce sites. And they offer flexible jobs. So this can be done anywhere in the world. I am from Malaysia, which is a South East Asian country. And I usually get about 30 jobs open that I can do working from home.

So they do have jobs from anywhere in the world. And they're really great at flexible jobs. And the most popular jobs that you're going to get is social media evaluator and also crowdsourcing and infant just going to social media evaluator what you're going to be doing is that you're going to be evaluating social media. And that sounds a little bit weird if, for example, Apple has a marketing campaign on Facebook, they're going to be posting a lot of images, they're going to be posting a lot of post on their Facebook pages and your job is to look at all their social media posts and evaluate how well their campaign is running and get paid for that..!, So this might be for you.
You if you're looking for flexible work opportunity where you can contribute to projects and grow your skills if you're an active and engaged user on social media platforms so if you use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and you enjoy working independently by yourself with no others around you want to do internet based work from home and the work schedule is going to be part-time up to 20 hours per week and very flexible the useful position requires 1 to 4 hours of work per day and that is 5 - 7 days per week and the minimum qualifications you need to do this is that you're living the country that you're signing up for.

- You have access to a computer and or access to a smartphone that is less than 3 years old.
- You have access to a secure high-speed internet connection.
- Quiet non-public workspace so you can't work in that cafe or anything like that.
- You have good English writing skills.

Notice that they're saying good right here and not perfect or very good. And also the ability to work with applications, troubleshoot software and execute instructions independently and the company is actually the best at doing flexible jobs and they've earned the No.1 ranking in the flexible jobs on top 100 companies index so that actually the best at working with people worldwide.
So and you can earn a lot of money doing this and this might be a job that is going to be very helpful for you if you want to Make Money from home.

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