If you have a mobile phone and internet access you use your phone to make money from anywhere, it could be at home, school, cafe, or on a bus as long as you have a free time you can use it to generate some side income and you can start doing that from today.

Easy way to make money from home in 2019

However, if there is one thing about all of the different types of apps to make money online through PayPal that you will find online, one thing that they all had in common is that you don't make very much with it but you can get some side money, and you can simply start earning anywhere any time, So let's get right into it.

1  - MyAppAware.com - [iPhone Only]

With MyApp Aware you can get paid $1 by writing on this route on this app reviews and earn $3 for playing and testing iPhone apps. So it does mention this is just for iPhone users. So, unfortunately, Android users are unable to do this. so iPhone can take advantage of getting paid this kind of money just for trying out free and paid apps. and they will send your earnings to your PayPal account instantly after you complete your first review and action. And then for reimbursement for the app costs. So they require you to purchase the app up front, provide the review and then they will reimburse you on top of what additional money they're going to pay you for making sure that you complete the actual review of the product. They do have a current payout limit of $5. So if you have anything less than $5 in your account, they won't send you anything until you reach the minimum payout requirement. So be sure to take advantage of this. This is a good opportunity that you can use to make money online and have it sent straight to your PayPal account.

 2 - Featurepoints.com - [Android & iPhone]

The Second App is Called Feature-Points And it's very similar to MyApp Aware is one of these websites where they have different applications that they want you to try on your phone or on your tablet you see here for Android and iPhone. So you download the app. And then you try it for whatever amount of time they request of you. Sometimes it's trying for two minutes. Sometimes it's complete a certain task within the app. But once you do that you accrue points. So when you recruit these points, you can now exchange those points for all types of really cool things, including Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Google Play Store, Xbox Apple, but of course, it also includes PayPal, you can get straight cash for the amount of money that you get here. So each different type of application that you have to complete a particular service for you get those points. And those points can vary anywhere between maybe 20 or 25 cents each to about 75 cents per app that you download. This does include free apps and paid apps, and you do have the opportunity to keep the paid air if you actually enjoy it. So that's actually one of the perks of using it. And you can see here all types of different apps that you might've used or one of your friends is still using like Minecraft, Heads up Monopoly, Flappy Bird, and Calendar, all of these different types of apps that are really kind of interesting to us. And like I mentioned, if you like them, you can keep them.

3 - BestReviewApp.com

another similar site to this would be the best review app. Same difference here at best review is the fact that they want you to download the app, you didn't write a review within 24 hours of receiving the app. And then you earn money towards your PayPal account. They say very fast payouts. I believe they paid within a week or so. So that's actually a very good thing that you can use just for Haha, we're going to click on the frequently asked questions down here. And here we go. How to withdraw money, and how long will it take. So it says first to make sure that your PayPal or all the paid but you're going to use PayPal, we make payments to our reviewers every Friday, please submit a rich withdraw application on Thursday to be a short payment for that week. So here you said you get 50 cents for reviewing a free app and $1 to $1, 50 for reviewing a paid app. But there is a catch that I kind of thought was kind of weird here, you are required to purchase any apps yourself up front. However, the purchase price plus your bonus will be paid back to you once your review has been verified. So that is kind of little additional costs there that you have to kind of come out of pocket before you get actually give the money back. But as long as your review is, quote verified, you end up getting the reimbursement on top of whatever extra money that you've done for using the app whether it's the 50 cents or $1 to $1.50.

That was some of the best ways to utilize your Smartphone and make some MacDonald's Maney or Beer-money on your free time from anywhere just using your mobile phone If you find it useful please do feel free to share it with your friends also feel free to mention in the comments section what apps do you use to make money from home and also you can check our other ways to make Money Online from Home.