Are you a student, mom, single mom or anyone who doesn't have a job and want to stay at home and make at least $20 per hour..? If yes, then say no more, because today Get Money Online going to show you Four different sites that to pay you $20 per hour to stay and work from home. So get a cup of coffee and let's roll in.


Change your world one short test at a time. So what testing time is that it is a website that lets you test other people's digital products and they need your help to make them better. And you can earn up to 50 Euros per hour just testing these websites. So essentially when you sign up you're going to download a software and after that, they send you a test that's available for you and if you qualify for it they're going to send you digital products to chose from.

 there's going to be a different kind of products all you have to do is walk through all of the tasks that they want you to do. And you just have to speak into the microphone openly. So talk out loud while you're doing all of these tasks, and you're going to get paid up to $50 per hour just from that they actually want people from all over the world, you can help shape the future of products.


And buffer is a software that helps businesses schedule any social media post so it makes it a lot easier for them to
Schedule out social media posts instead of posting them each manually so that is where you'll be helping out and you can work 100% from home. They have people working from 15 countries, 11 time zones and 42 cities. On top of that, you also get all these perks and benefits when you join the buffer team. You can work remotely you get stock options you get a salary sexual get a stable income from home, you get a laptop and also $500 to set up your home office.

You can have free books in Kindle unlimited time off retreats, learning and developments depend family leave health insurance and working smarter depend and right here when we go down you can see that they have these job openings right now engineering manager and also full stack product engineer when you're watching this video. There probably won't be
These videos up if you're watching in the future, so just go and link in the description and you can check which jobs they have open.


and what Mod Squad is they are pros in digital engagement. And that means that you will be moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities and buzzing in social media. That that's what I said, buzzing in social media. It has been around for a while. And they actually have physical locations in the US, Europe, and the Philippines, but they're looking for people all around the world.

And what's so great about mods is that you can select the topics that you want to talk about based on your passions. Also, you're going to be working with some cool brands from around the world from gaming to e-commerce to entertainment, as you can see NFL, Harry Potter Warner Bros. Lot of big companies I also write games here so if you're a league of legends guy have divisions EA all of these really cool companies right here. And also this is perfect because if you don't want to go full time, this can be a person
A perfect part-time job that you can just have on the side.

So say if you're a stay at home parent say if you're going to college and you need a little bit side income, you can do it with Mod Squad and the pay is going to be based on your experience and skills and how much you're able to work. So it's basically the harder you work the better your pay is going to be.


Three Play media is a startup company in Boston, United States, and they offer, closed captioning, transcription, audio description and translating and subtitling jobs and they pay you between 10 to $30 per hour. So can join the Team and How you can work from home is if you want to be a transcript editor.

You can be an English transcript editor and also a Spanish transcript editor. what you have to do is basically a transcript editor is that you'll be given a transcript that someone else has done and you're going to fix it up, you're going to make it look beautiful. If they've written something wrong, you're going to fix it. If the punctuation is wrong, you're going to fix that and make it look beautiful. So for the required qualifications, you need excellent written communication skills you need to use grammar and punctuation right experience with computer word processing, you need to be able to type at least 75 words per minute, So you need to work independently, you must be 18 years of age, you have to have a PC and Mac, you have to have high internet speed. And also access to email, the location is going to be remote. So you can work from home.

They pay between 10 to $30 per hour depending on your efficiency, all you have to do is click this fill the application and join.

That was the last one on the Best 5 different websites Pay you to work from home and you can join the one that you see it fit you or all of them if you have free time and what it takes to do the job, I hope you found something interesting, if not you can still browse the website you might find what you looking for.